Tips To Spread Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Some crowdfunding campaigns do not succeed as they don’t have an idea of how to reach people and how to bring the crowd towards their crowdfunding campaigns, but some succeed with their intelligence. Here are the few tips how successful crowdfunding campaigns are operating:

YouTube is essential:

It is one of the best ways to promote your crowdfunding campaign and to create awareness about your campaign to the people. As it is one of the largest online video website and an effective tool to upload videos, it is the best place to reach your audience without spending money.

It is great to make people watch your campaign on YouTube, but to direct them to your campaign page is not an easy task.

How to use YouTube:

Add Your YouTube subscribers to Google+ circles:

YouTube is an option to keep people aware of your campaign so add your subscribers on YouTube to Google+ circles by displaying your YouTube video. It is one of the effective ways in your crowdfunding campaign as it allows sharing updates information and enabling you to contact your project backers.

Utilize Annotation function of YouTube to provide a link to your page:

This option in YouTube allows you to add hotspot, text and link which directs to your campaign page and you can place it anywhere in your video. You also have the facility to edit your annotation to change the font size, time, color, position and size.

Add your campaign’s links in the description:

While writing about your page, try to add the link in the description, which directs to your crowdfunding campaign.

Post campaign updates:

Another method to keep your subscribers up to date about your campaign can be achieved by sharing the updates and information about your campaign.

Crowdfunding campaign promotions on Kickstarter do not guarantee success

Crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter are tough to cope up with and you may even call off the project in the mid way. But there are plenty of ways to get the momentum going and the things would get back on the track even during crucial stages. According to sources, more than half of the crowdfunding campaigns do not hit the funding goal and it is not the end of the world! You can always catch up the pace in the race with the right amount of pre planning and also, promotions play a major role.

Advertising industry is one of the most important key factors for a successful campaign. Several people think advertising the Kickstarter campaigns would fetch 100% victory, but honestly speaking, they do not! In fact, it is bogus and people are just making fool off themselves. The advertising agencies can only guarantee to reach out a word about your campaign to a target group of people. The advertisements do NOT guarantee to fetch backers and customers to your campaign. Hence, stop trusting your PR and advertising agents to do the entire work. Brace yourself and prepare to put up a brave fight because a campaign is not a walk in the park. It needs 100 percent commitment and dedication to stick to the process and also, a well prepared plan would bring huge differences to the project.

Nowadays, many aspiring entrepreneurs are launching campaigns for startups and causes, and it is certainly not an easy job to stand out from the crowd. But reaching a word out to public through social networking sites, blogs, promotional events and advertisements can help. Crowdfunding promotions cannot decide the fate of your campaigns because the decision is up to the backers and fund givers!

Forces That Shape the Future of Real Estate Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding industry has seen immense growth since its launch in the year 2013.It offers real estate capital rising and investment opportunities to the public in 100 platforms. These three are most suitable to guide the growth of real estate crowdfunding in the upcoming months.

Mini IPO opportunity:

The growth of the real estate has been limited by the regulations under which it operates for the past two years. The only way for the real estate developers and sponsors to openly crowdfund their real estate deals are going to conduct Regulation D Rule 506 (c) capital raises under the rule administering the public advertising of private investments.

Demand for data:

Real estate crowdfunding is considered to be one of the best technological innovations, as it brings out both the equity and debt capital stalk online. To harm the industry, CRE spheres have spent decades dominated by offline transactions, paper based processes and insider knowledge.

These norms are so harmful because of the lack of verifiable data that they produce. Professionals of commercial real estate who are developers, investors, sellers are huge in numbers, but the data available to them will be costly and incorrect.

Aggregation and segmentation:

As there are many real estate crowdfunding platforms, there are some expectation for these industries to get merge, or else these may fall out of the market due to lack of recognition.

Understanding each platform is good for a healthy market, but it lets itself for a different prediction.

Preparation is very essential for a successful campaign on Kickstarter

A successful campaign on Kickstarter is not an easy job because you should be smarter enough to make your project stand out from the crowd. You should prepare in advance before your project is officially launched. If the campaign’s goal is a lot than you expect, then your preparation should also be extra ordinary.

Always reach out to people regarding your campaign, build relationships with influential people to grab media attention. Send postcards to friends and family and conduct promotional events like marathons to grab attention from the backers. Also, bloggers are your best friends because they can blog about your campaigns and grab attention from the readers who might be interested in your campaign. If your campaign shows good results in the first week, then there are high chances for your campaign to be successful.

Social media platform is a huge bonus point when it comes to attention, no kidding guys! Be active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other sites to stay in touch with people and also update them with your current works. You can even upload a mini creative story about your campaign on Snapchat and who knows, you could be a star even before your campaign is launched!

Prepare a month before you launch your campaign, but preparation time also depends on the duration and the tendency of your project’s goal. Try to utilize every medium to promote the project and advertising strategies play a major role in it. So fellows, do not waste any more time and start preparing for your campaign!

Crowdfunding versus Peer to peer lending: Which is the best?

A crowdfunding trend is slowly catching up among the budding entrepreneurs and it has now become the most essential step for every project. A crowdfunding campaign is not an easy task and more than half of the projects fail miserably. But it is also not an impossible task either because you just need to be smart enough to make your project stand out from the rest. There are many platforms like HeadFunder and Kickstarter to raise funds for your campaign. You can have creative start up pages and kickstarter videos in order to grab attention from the backers. The kickstarter campaign may pick up the pace even during the crucial stages, hence do not lose hope until the very last stage. There is an equal amount of advantages of using fundstarter and disadvantages in crowdfunding platform.

A peer to peer lending is a simpler and advanced version of a bank loan process. In fact, bank loans are very frustrating and make people to go through terms and conditions. But p2p is an online application that involves software and it is quicker than a banking process. Both the investors and borrowers are benefitted through p2p. Collateral is not needed in peer to peer lending and it gives a huge relief sign to people who are in need of funds. Repayment rate is standard and there are no prepayment penalties.

It is up to you to choose the best and Google is your best friend to do your research!

Tips to grab attention from a crowdfunding audience on Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that allows you to raise money for your campaigns. Not all the campaigns would be successful; more than half of them would fail. But that does not mean it is hard to produce a successful Kickstarter campaign. You need to be smart and clever enough to perform a campaign. Always make sure to plan before a month prior to the campaign’s launch. In order to have a successful campaign, you need to reach out to a wider audience.

Build a project that would automatically fetch you attention from the backers. According to donors, it should be worthy enough to provide funds. Do not trust entirely upon creative videos and marketing strategies.

If you are working on a campaign that is for a cause, then you need to have creativity and individuality power. There are thousands of people out there who are working on campaigns for causes, and you need to think out of the box to stand out from the crowd. It should be worthy enough for the backers to pay attention and always get creative with your videos and start pages.

Be sure of what your target is and always keep your head up high no matter what. Donors are attracted to the fundraisers who are confident and mature enough to face the so called “bumpy ride”. Failures should not take you down; in fact, it should motivate you to produce better results.

If you are looking to open a restaurant or a salon with a certain geographical reach, then you will have to target a wider audience. In that way, you can grab attention from a decent number of backers. A successful campaign depends on the so called “numbers”, always keep this in mind and work on it.

Cycle Hire Business Launches Kickstart Campaign

Airdonkey is a platform that allows the owners of a bike to rent their bikes in a simple way and enable renters to find and rent their bike through a single button.

It’s time to round the world in someone’s bike. To start the process, users have to get a donkey kit and scale it to their bike and start renting it whenever they don’t use it.

The whole team is eagerly waiting for the users to come forward to start their rental business using the Airdonkey platform.

Before renting a bike, the bike should be donkified. The user who takes the bike will be charged and the kit is available in kick starter campaign for 400 kroner. For starting it, owners of bike will be provided with rear wheel lock, sticking for marking the bike, an information panel that will be attached to the handle bars and listings in the website.

The website will trace the location of available bikes by means of the lock and users can use them by releasing the lock via mobile phone app.

For the security of the lock, it builds a thick plate of around 3mm and a video about hammer test carried out of the kick starter page.

The Donkey Republic reveals that it started testing its lock and platform in Copenhagen and since June it has more than 300 users.

The company figures out the rental price of around Euros in a place like London and Copenhagen.

Another rental scheme, Spinster differs from AirDonkey where they will collect and return it directly to the owners.